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AfroteQ is an Independent and neutral organization ensuring youth empowerment, community development, youth Education and providing business and IT solutions to all.

AftoTech Newz

AfroTech Newz is an online science magazine in Cameroon sharing major Africa's science events and Technology advancement in Africa.

AfroTeq Consulting

AfroTeq Consulting provides some solutions to the problems companies and organizations faced.

AfroTeq Community

AfroTeq Community focus in many areas for the development of our community using science, technology, arts and many other skills and tools we posses

Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy

- Richard Stallman

Our Services

Digital Marketing

We help you grow your projects and enterprise by upgrading your visibility via social medias and our platforms.

Setup and Installation for Security Cameras

prevention is better than cure. We provide, setup and install in your house, institutions or enterprises security cameras for a full transparency and safety.

Network Defense and Security

A password is good but not enough. Secure your networks with more than a password and a firewall.

Network Design and Implementation

Not only cyber cafes, universities , schools or enterprises need to have a well design and install network both hardware and software need to be well design and implemented for a long last and proper functioning

Database Management System

A database is not only a set of letters and numbers it is the hearth of an enterprise. It must be well design and secured to facilitate it management and help the enterprise grow with a perfect track of it input, process, output and further transactions.

Web and Mobile Development

If you need a web site and/or a mobile app you are at the good door . We build professional and responsive web and mobile apps for all kinds of structures with respects to the client wishes and desire.

Whats we offer

  1.  Training youths in hard skills like science, technology and soft skills like leader
  2.  Mentorship for youths by our local and international partners
  3. Offer merit based scholarship and educational materials to other students.
  4. Offer orientation sessions to all both students and non students.

Commnunity Service

AfroTeq Community is a dependent body of Afroteq, and we focus in many areas for the development of our community using science, technology, arts and any other skills and tools

Professionalism and


We help communities by providing free training and implementation of community development projects. We provide good and efficient business and IT solutions.

Our Portfolio


Awae Escalier, Yaounde,Cameroon

AfroteQ has one of the rare online magazine  in the world AfrotechNewz promulgating science and technology related news in Africa, and one of the few websites in Africa promulgating African innovation to the world.

Our goal is principally to inform the world about science facts happening in Africa and innovations made by Africans. Our aspiration is to create a community of science and innovation in Africa so as to inspire and motivate other youths to come up with brilliant ideas.

Want to work with us?

Want to work with us?